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Burning a playlist...

I just finished a pop-ish burn and now I'm onto the country music version. We're probably taking the truck to the game tomorrow ('cause you know, "I (HEART) THE A'S") and the lovely green Tahoe doesn't have XM, so CDs are a must. ;)

I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow! We're going to have a full suite of adults, which means food and drink for everyone! I plan on taking advantage of the food part, but the drink will just be sodas for me, thank you. I'm the DD. It has been so deemed. :P

I'll be in uniform for the game-- A's earrings, gold jewelry (if any), white and green shoes, and my Mark Mulder jersey. Geez, I miss Mulder. I don't care that he's not on his game right now, he's still my most favorite player. And it still burns a little that he wears the red and white instead of the green and gold. :P

Time for bed. A most groovin' Friday to all!
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