Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

On Vox: why is vox blocked?

Too bad I'm listening to a "protected" AAC file.  Darn it!  (It's "Tu Amor" by R.B.D. in case you're wondering.)

Anyhoo, I can't "vox" at work.  Why is that?  Does the word itself not deserve display on my work computer's browser?  Or am I missing something potentially offensive about "vox?"

I understand why I can't use myspace at work.  Hullo, I work at a high school!  But Vox?  At least Livejournal isn't blocked.  Yet.

Oh, am I watching LOST tonight?  Or are we saving it for tomorrow?

I'm just full of questions, eh?

BTW, I'm cross posting this to my LJ.  :)

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