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strangers walking away

let's just forget
we can pretend
strangers walking away
bliss again
just a little innocent
no reason to stay
but is the day brighter
without you
are we at all better
beneath this blue
we won't know
strangers walking away
just a small pull
urging us to stay...

I've got that wandering feeling in my head. I have words that just want to come out, but when I'm actually in a position to write or type it down, nothing happens. But I need to write something.

So I'll babble.
  • I think I'm really enjoying Robin Thicke's music. Sometimes you just need that R&B to roll over your body and then find a place to sink in. And he's doing for me right now.
  • I'm glad I'm almost caught up on Supernatural. I'm tempted to watch an episode right now. But I won't.
  • I want to write something. Maybe I should write second part to that ficlet I posted the other day. Hmmm. But why did I start a Sam from Supernatural fic when I'm a Dean girl? (Yes, I admit it. Like no one knows that one.)

Oh, and TV things!
  • Heroes rocks. I totally called that end! It makes sense and it just boggles the mind too. What other secrets will be revealed? I love the reveal of secrets. :D
  • Prison Break. Oh wow, Michael and Sara's KISS. Yums. ;)
  • Lost starts on Wednesday!!! Yah! Can't wait. But I'll have to wait.
  • Psych makes me laugh and I'm glad it's back from hiatus.

Okay, I guess I'm done now. LOL!
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