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he's so beautiful

he's so beautiful
it hurts inside
being this close
his whisper so warm
his touch so soft
he's so beautiful
it aches inside
being this far
his eyes catching mine
his smile taking me in
he's so beautiful
it swells inside
knowing he's mine
just knowing
he's so beautiful...

Tu Amor, I will always be
Tu Amor, means the world to me
Esteras siempre en mi corazon
You’re the one in my soul
And I live for tu amor, tu amor

So pretty! Makes me sway.

I just watched three episodes of Supernatural. I think I'm going through a bit of Jensen overload. Is that possible? ;)

Two poems in one day? Hmmm.

And this song is also on my mind...

Well we've only just met and I'm undressing you with my eyes
And I'm trying to chase away all these dirty thoughts in my mind
Oh when you're around and I try to play it down like whatever (like whatever)
And my heart skips a beat and it's hard to hold it together

Nice. LOL!
Tags: poetry
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