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no illusions

I have no illusions
regarding my wiles
of the feminine kind
you respond
or you don't
I'm not working it
just to catch you
let me do this from afar
longing with a tingle
feeling your breath
warm across the room
when you find someone else
I can cry alone
laugh at my foolishness
then go on
never realizing
what I might have missed

I love the songs I've heard off Emma Bunton's new CD. Too freakin' bad it's an import and will cost me something around $40 to buy it. Ugh! Her voice sounds very sweet and she's matured quite a bit as a singer.

Hence my love for the internet. ;)

The poem above is inspired by this short piece that I started writing last night before going to bed. I think I was working the scene out while I was driving one day. And as always, the words flow easier when I'm not in front of the computer or pen and paper are out of reach. Lovely.

I'm number one

I like being number one on someone's myspace friend list. ;) Sometimes I think I should re-do my top friends list, but I don't want to take anyone out. Not really. Bah!
Tags: bunton, myspace, poetry
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