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morning moon

morning moon
full and sinking slow
stealing my dreams
from night into mist
clouds gather close
shutting out the day
morning moon
sinking slow and full
gathering my dreams
setting them free
high up to the heavens
beyond the clouds
beneath the glow
the morning moon

more silliness
silliness, eh?

I love my Macbook. :)

Work has been an odd drag this week. And I keep waking up feverish. I think the hubby's flu is catching up to me. Oh no!

Chatted with my sister today. It's always good to hear from her. I keep forgetting my bluetooth ear thing. It's much easier talking on the mobile with an ear thing. Then I can file and talk at the same time. Multi-tasking!

I had some Jamba Juice today. Mmmm. And then I had some pasta for lunch. Lots of stuff in the tummy!

The weather has been odd. I feel the tickle in my throat. Oh no!

with holli on the iSight
Holli is a star!
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