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I should be watching Survivor...

But we're in the computer room right now, so I'll do a little livejournaling.  ;)

I'm annoyed because my domain is down.  Again.  It's always freakin' down!  I suppose that's what I get for going through Hostonce.  :P  Most of the time the unlimited webspace eases my mind in regards to the downtime.  :P  And really, it's not ALWAYS down.  It just seems to be down a lot.  At least once a month.

Our TiVo freaked out on us yesterday and we didn't get the results from American Idol, That 70's Show, and Kingdom Hospital.  I wanted to watch Kingdom Hospital!  And I wanted to see who got through on American Idol.  Bah!

I adore the crooner boy, but how in the world did he get the most votes?!  Unbelievable!  America, what the heck were you listening to?  I'm glad the Jasmine girl got through.  She's a cutie!  :)  I can't wait to see next week's show.  I'm oddly addicted to American Idol...

Okay, off to watch some HD stuff!  :D

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