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without an end

no end
a beginning forgotten
a middle flowing free
what is the end
was it a sweet start
will this routine last
to no end
the sun behind
the moon so bright
please don't end
stare up to the stars
forever perfect now
without an end

It was nice having the kids leave school early the last three days of this week. But I was oddly busy too.

One of the teachers PISSED ME OFF today. Without getting specific, I must say that the total disregard for my work and efforts made me so angry. And I was suprised. I guess I don't expect people to blow off things like that. I absolutely did not appreciate it at all.

And I know that some of the fault is the fact that I'm still learning, but I don't think the whole blame is mine. So I'm not taking it on.

I miss John Doe. I wish they hadn't ended that show the way they did. At least they gave us a whole season. Now they just need to release it on DVD.
Tags: poetry, yvhs
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