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too fast to make it last

I will take you in
promise eternity of my soul
I don't know how to take it slow
I will cherish you
color all my words true
I move too fast to make it last
I'll push you away
make you regret our yesterdays
promises broken by hearts unspoken
I'll walk alone
footsteps firm upon stone
chin up high, eyes smiling to the skies

Sometimes people move too swiftly to the next thing, forgetting the past, regardless of the others left behind. Have you met someone like that? Someone who leaps from thing to thing, pouring all their heart, then finding a flaw of sorts that becomes enough to push it all away?

Cryptic, eh?

My aunt is in the hospital. ::sigh:: My mom told me in chat (why again did I show her how to IM in Gmail?). Then my cousin called and asked if I had talked to our other cousin (the one whose mom is in the hospital). I hadn't. And I still haven't. I know I need to call her.

Psych ROCKS! The Office makes me laugh. Prison Break has managed to keep me on the edge of my seat. And Heroes, ahhh, Heroes. I want to know more!

I had more to say but it's almost time for bed.
Tags: babble, family, poetry
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