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the delights of last night

self portrait

I wrote this at myspace. Yeah, I never start blogging at myspace, yet I did this time. And I'm lazy, so here's the bit of that. And I think I'll post pictures in between. And then I *might* add more. Maybe. LOL!

Even though I feel old sometimes, I always enjoy being with my cousins. It's like a shot of youth when I'm around them. Perhaps it's because they're all older than me (my sister and I are the youngest on our dad's side). Or perhaps it's because we all see each other past the years and past the gravity.

Last night was a blast! We gathered around to celebrate Bev & John's nuptials at their home. Great food (the catering service was EXCELLENT!), comfortable atmosphere (how can you go wrong with family... wait, don't answer that!), fun fun times. It helped that the spirits flowed rather freely (mostly wine and beer) and the food was endless. I ate so much when it was time to eat that I couldn't graze as much as I would have liked. Alas!

hors d'oeuvres

looking outside through the dining room window...


I loved the whole set up in the backyard. They put up tents and little tables in the tents. Very fancy. Oh, and the heat lamps were a blessing! Of course, it was wonderful that the weather was cold and crisp with just a slight breeze to remind of winter. Towards the end of the night, the main heat lamp became the beacon. We all gathered around like well-dressed hobos and chatted and laughed and all of that.

hail to the heat lamp!

We stayed until way past midnight. It was great. For some reason (probably the liberal intake of alcohol), the music started blasting in the family room and we enjoyed a little dancing into the early morning. Mind you, I don't dance much. But I got suckered in a couple of times because I made the mistake of hovering at the edge of darkness with my camera in hand, taking pictures of the revelers. But it was fun. And they were all having fun. I love how folks loosen up as the night wears on. Delightful.

with John

three cousins

Some of us were so intoxicated. Not me! (I'm just having fun in the picture with John.) It's fun being around happy drunks. LOL!

I know I say this everytime I spend time with my cousins, but I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH MY COUSINS!!! And I don't get to see them as often as I like. It's wonderful to be around them. We're thinking of having a cousins only weekend sometime in the future. No spouses or kids. I hope we get to do it. It would be so great!

Solomon ladies

Bev, Alice, John

Alice and John cutting a rug

More pictures are here.
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