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so soft, so cold

weeping tears so salty
sliding down the cheek
so soft, so cold
each breath so deep
to calm the chaos
whirling disaster inside
but outside so silent
lips unmoving
gaze direct
only the tears falling
tell the story
behind eyes too bright

We spent the early part of the day cleaning up the dining room (which served as a bit of storage for some boxes). Ugh. It must be done, but it's so annoying. :P

me and holli
me & holli, taken with the iSight

I've changed the layout of my LJ but I don't know if I like it. I liked my other on, but I realized that the reason I couldn't watch that one video was because of my previous layout! Isn't that weird? LOL!

And I love my new Macbook. It's so pretty. I wish I could bring it to work with me, but that's not going to happen. LOL!

We're probably going to sell my Powerbook. Ahhhh. I'll be a little sad, but I don't need it, so it will be gone someday...
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