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Erik Thomson as Richard in Somersault

We rented Somersault for the evening and the hubby actually suggested we watch it. What, an indie-ish film set in Australia? Al-righty then! ;)

A decent flick, not my usual type to watch. Usually I only watch those kinds of films because Ryan Gosling is in them. LOL!

Anyhoo, Heidi is a sixteen year old who makes a pass at her mother's boyfriend and runs away from home afterward. She comes upon this small Australian ski town, meets a guy named Joe, and somehow makes a living during her time there. Erik plays Richard, Joe's neighbor. He had a few scenes, mostly with Joe.

Erik won the award for best actor in a supporting role from the Australian Film Institute in 2004. Actually, the film swept at the AFI 2004.

As I said, not usual cup 'o tea, but a good flick.

And yes, I did screencaps. ;)
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