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never so

never so easy
staying here with you
so beautiful
so strong
never so simple
spending forever here
so wonderful
so unexpected
never so smooth
passing time with you
so wild
so passionate
never so easy
savoring this moment
slipping away
fading like a dream

And here I am awake past midnight. There is no logic to this. ;)

Ohhhh, congrats to Ryan Gosling (I know, like he reads this) on his SAG Award nomination. WOW! And there's buzz that he could be nominated for an Oscar. WOWSERS!!!

still a favorite picture of mine

I'm waiting for the day I can say, "And yes, I met him back when--" LOL! And here's photographic proof. Huzzah!

Not sure why, but I'm thinking about next week's Xena convention. I wish I were going. Actually, I wish that Erik Thomson was going so that I could go because it would mean a margarita for me. :) And I could meet Patrick Fabian and perhaps take a picture with some fellow Xenites I know online (most notably Miss abbagirl) as well as visiting with old friends (surabufix). It will happen someday. I'm determined! ;)

I heard a jazzy lounge version of "Black Hole Sun." So once home I downloaded Paul Anka's version of the song. Let's say it together-- WEIRD-OH!

Time for bed. I'm sleepy.
Tags: poetry
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