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before any regrets

I won't look back
I won't break my stride
I won't think back
I won't forget this night
The touch of your lips
soft and sweet upon mine
The warmth of your whisper
gliding along so silky fine
I can't stop my escape
holding fast to memories
I can't stop my escape
until I feel that cool breeze
Desire hot in your eyes
calling silent to me
Intention in your touch
promising to set me free
I won't turn back
just to give my heart
I won't run back
just to be torn apart
When you find me gone
please don't forget
I had to leave
before any regrets

A whole year's worth of poetry is now complete. But is it worthy poetry? I'll leave that up to my readers. ;) I had a lot of fun writing the lines of poetry each day. So much so that I'm considering doing it again in 2007. Hmmm.

I'm awake much too early because of the darn doggie! That darn dachshund doesn't realize the concept of "sleeping in." Ugh! And yet I still find her adorable. Amazing.
Tags: babble, poetry
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