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savoring the breeze

so innocent
it was so innocent
no intentions
not with words
not with smiles
not with laughter
light and sparkling
so sweet
it was so sweet
no expectations
just conversation
just a little sharing
just spending time
warm and easy
so simple
it was so simple
no demands
sitting in sunshine
basking in the light
savoring the breeze
cooling and crisp

I love days like today-- slow and lazy. I've been working on the revamp for my Erik Thomson site. But right now my site isn't working right and I can't do anything. Ugh! I did get to revamp my Greg site. It looks spiffy. But as it is with the same webhost as, I can't get to it at the moment. Buggers!

I did new screencaps for "The Vanishing Dead," a Hercules episode. Gee, let's guess who was in it... Right, Erik Thomson! LOL! It's amazing (not really) how much nicer it is to do DVD screencaps. They look so much clearer than the ones I did oh-so long ago. ;)

DVD version

video version

Crazy, eh? You can clearly see that Erik's eyes are blue in the first image.

Young, so young. LOL!

And for fun, on my oddly more reliable MJazz domain - The Vanishing Dead
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