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why couldn't you just leave

why couldn't you just leave
far so far away from here
why choose a place so close
teasing the ones who hold you dear
teetering here on the line
not sure of how to feel
happiness or joy or sorrow
none of this seems real
but we'll wish you the very best
in the new place you'll call home
yet ever wishing deep down
we could still call you our own

I'm still recovering from the news of Barry Zito going to the San Francisco Giants. I'm in shock. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Is it good? Is it bad? I'm glad he got a huge contract (suck it to the people who call him "overrated"). He deserves a good deal. And cool, he's still on the west coast. Better yet, he's not with a rival AL West team.

But the Giants?!

Wait, this could mean that I will still get a chance to take another picture with him. ;) (See, always look at the upside.)

Onward to other things!

I've changed my layout at Moonlit Jazz so that it matches my gallery (also at Moonlit Jazz). I think it looks spiffy, though a bit plain. I've decided to use the same layout for my Greg Lee site, but with a different top banner, of course. Want to see a preview of it? [WGL Online] I've given up on integrating the coppermine gallery with my wordpress and just relied on the skills of others who have figured out how to make a wordpress layout a coppermine layout. Goodie for me! LOL!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Sing like no one is around, all the time!

Get your resolution here.

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