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blending in

beneath the tree
one lonely box
so small
blending in
so finely wrapped
so cold alone
forgotten in mayhem
shoved out of sight
if only someone would see
tear into it gleefully
and smile with hope
with joy
with pleasure
oh the delight
it cannot be measured

presents under the tree
presents under the tree

Got lots of presents, which is always groovy. ;)

before tearing in
pretty wrapping

lab coasters!
ahhh, so cute!

doggies get some lovin' too
goodies for the doggies

Yes, even the doggies got presents. :) Isn't that sweet? I suppose I should open them up for them. They don't even know that they have toys and such. They even got treats!

nut cracker
nut cracker in the form of a squirrel

The in-laws have squirrels in their backyard and they feed them. The Yorkies love getting tortured by the squirrels Or is it the squirrels love mocking the Yorkies? Something like that. ;)

dinner is almost ready

For dinner we had prime rib. It was DELICIOUS!!! But I ate too fast. And my piece was a healthy slice. ;) But it was so yummy! The in-laws always have a nice dinner.

I can't remember everything I got, so I'll not name anything now. But I'm thankful, of course, and glad for it all...
Tags: poetry, xmas
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