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Happy Christmas!

Good cheer to all
on this day and forth
Good wishes to all
this day and more
Spend it well
with family and friends
May laughter abound
without a foreseeable end
Keep these times close
in your heart
Keep these moments alive
when you're apart
So when the days
drag dreary and cold
Remember this moment
held warm in your soul...

Cheesy? ;)

Jesus, Mary, Joseph in a snow globe
snow globe on my parents' cocktail table

We went over to my parents' house yesterday afternoon for an early dinner of fried chicken and spaghetti. I love my mom's fried chicken and spaghetti!!! :) After food, we watched a movie. It was good! M. Fox was great, but his hair was killing me! LOL! Otherwise, it was a good movie. Not as good as Remember the Titans, the husband said. :P

table is set

We gave my parents their gifts and then we got our gifts (Cool Waters for both of us). My dad starting watching this movie, but we left soon after.

Mom & Dad with their star
My grandfather made that star

We dropped by our friends' house and said Merry Christmas. The hubby talked fantasy football (his team lost in the championship after leading the whole thing for the whole season and he was bummed). And then we headed home and rescued our doggies. :)

I want to post pictures of my bedroom furniture, but you'll find nicer photos (and details) at the website. Go to the bedroom section and you'll see our door chest, nightstand, and triple dresser. They are big pieces of furniture. Good thing we have a big bedroom. ;)
Tags: poetry, xmas
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