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just let me

tell me goodbye
tell me it was fun
tell me nevermore
tell me this is done
don't cling to me
don't hold on tight
don't fool yourself
don't pretend it's right
tell me you won't forget
tell me this will be forever
tell me you've no regrets
tell me it's felt like this never
just let me go on my way
just let me turn from you
just let me walk away
just let me fade from view

I haven't wrapped gifts yet and we're going to my parents' house tomorrow. Ye gods! I'm a lazy ass.

We got our new bedroom set today!!! It's BEAUTIFUL. I'll post pictures sometime soon. Sorry, I'm too lazy to upload them right now. LOL!

Why is it I always think I have something to say and then when I'm here, nothing? Weird!
Tags: babble, poetry
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