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detour from destiny

throw it to the wind
watch it fly high
whirling with delight
toss it aside
let it shatter
such beautiful pieces
silence that little voice
sing a song sweetly wicked
meant for the naughty
it will find you someday
no matter the path you take
so do it now
take a turn
that detour from destiny

I just wanted to use that last line for a poem. I don't know if I did it justice though. Ah well!

from ladyrowansplace

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Noble Lady Valerie the Antique of Lower Slaughter
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Of course, I like this because my last name is Noble. LOL! ;)

After FIVE days of no help from my webhost, I figured out what was wrong with my website ( and fixed the gallery. I should have figured it out myself a long time ago, but I thought it wouldn't have been a big deal for someone to email me at least. They ( pissed me off. I still haven't heard from them. Bastards.

I filed today. Fun. Kinda. Not really. LOL!

Rain, why the rain?! And it's still cold. Brrrrrr!

on the road
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