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Watching the A's Game...

Mulder on the mound...

My A's are currently KILLING ME!!! So I just had to put a Mulder picture up first. ;)

Bobby doing the talking head thing...

Bobby is up in the booth for the whole game! It's nice listening to him. He has a lovely voice. Lovely. ;) And he just looks so cute. Not that they've shown him much since the game started. :P


They talked about Swisher and flashed on him. I wish he would just get off the DL! Heal, young man, HEAL!!!

Harden doing a commercial

Harden might not go on the DL. Let's hope he's okay! That shot above is from a commercial. Groovay.

I'm watching this TORTUROUS game and everytime the A's score, the Yankees turn around and hit a homer or something. It's only the 4th inning and it's 12 to 3. The pitching is STRUGGLING. But you know what really irks me? Hearing the freakin' CHEERS from the OAKLAND crowd whenever the Yankees score. I'm all for being a fan of baseball and even of people being Yankee fans, but hearing cheers for the visiting team just irritates me. Home team fans, you all need to make the stadium shake with CHEERS for your Oakland Athletics!!!

Okay, so that's the end of my rant...

We got a new fence. Now we won't see the neighbor's dog's nose poking through the holes of the old fence. ;)

I think I'm going to start my CSI marathon before this game ends. I need some Nick Stokes time...
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