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drowning reason

think you know it all
think you have it all
the world balanced
light upon your fingertips
moving with your will
think you've seen it all
think you've heard it all
the foolish folly of others
the simper of false promises
flowing clearly impure
think you've touched all of it
think you've tasted all of it
life's complicated pleasures
coursing through your senses
almost drowing reason
you don't have it all
this is just the iceberg's tip
you don't know it all
the answers merely hint
the world kneels not to you
but you bow to destiny

Almost night
whilst I waited in front of Safeway with burritos in a bag...

I always think I'll have something to say but when I get to this moment, nothing! LOL! Oh well. I think I might just be too distracted by other things.

I read a short story yesterday and I liked it. Now I want to write another story. Hmmm.
Tags: poetry
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