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the mist reveals

the mist reveals forgotten dreams
paths unchosen and overgrown
possibilites again exist
even without the horizon
the sun too high
unseen to the eye
in the still of the misty morning
forgotten dreams spring alive
tempting the heart
enticing the soul
hope bubbles with laughter

Alas, I have to work next week, but I am getting the week after off. WOOHOO!!! I'm excited. A whole week and a day off from work. Glorious. And next week should be cake because school will be closed and I can be left alone with my files and such. Most wonderful!!! :D

Such is the hope.

I started writing a Supernatural fanfiction (really, it's probably just a page if that) and it doesn't involve Dean at all. LOL! Maybe I'll work more on it during the break. Hmmm. Maybe I should catch up on the episodes first. I've got them all on my iPod. ;)

Christmas cards should go out tomorrow. If I remember them. Yah! :D
Tags: babble, poetry
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