Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

so tattered inside

he's broken inside
hard outside
so untouchable
so unapproachable
so dark with despair
he hides it well
or so he believes
the shattered heart
the battered soul
he's so torn apart
so ready to leave
he takes each day
each painful step
so strong outside
so tattered inside
so ready to break...

We were constructive with our time this weekend. We went shopping on Saturday night and then again on Sunday afternoon. We're almost finished! I wrote out my holiday cards and tonight I sealed them. Now I just needs stamps! :)

The five day Secret Santa gift exchange started today. Yeah, five days of gifts! ;) The plate of baked goods was my first gift. I thought it was so cute. And the cookies were yummy. Not too sweet.

I think we might go to my parents' for Christmas Eve. That will be nice. :) My mom will cook.

Zito got an offer from the Texas Rangers. And Mulder is set to meet with them tomorrow. Umm, if those two end up in Texas, I'm going to SCREAM. But hey, at least I'd get to see them pitch more often. :P
Tags: poetry, xmas
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