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standing here one night

standing here
one night
stretched into forever
just one glimpse of heaven
tempting bits
silly pieces of my sanity
demanding logic
in the face of chaos
standing here
this one night
wishing forever
to take its hold
leaving just one memory
this moment
one night

Goodbye day

I had the misfortune of thinking that it was already Friday. Good thing it was only for a short moment. ;)

Got my first Christmas card! From the Wangs. Reminds me that I need to work on my own cards. Ye gods!

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking in showing my mom how to use GoogleTalk. The joys of IMing anyone? :P

Still feeling sad about James Kim. Sometimes I almost cry when I click on and there's the picture of him. Even though I never met him, I still enjoyed his work and thought he did a great job doing his job.


I'm addicted to the JC Chasez song. :P
Tags: poetry
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