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the knife glistens

the knife glistens
clean and sharp
held in an innocent hand
turned with dark intentions
it isn't the blade
cutting slow and deep
drawing a river so red
it isn't the blade
piercing the heart
stopping the breath
it's destiny so harsh
brewing in a sullen soul
a mind distraught
finding purity
one devasting moment
such clarity
unbidden and bitter
lost to the other side

Yes, my office is much too bright now. I should be grateful for the new lights, but after what they did to my ceiling, I just don't know. I don't know if my slight headache was because of the lights. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Blackberries rock. Have I said that lately? I can check my accounts at Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. Not that I use all of them, but still! It's awesome. But then it can also be sad when I got through stretches of no email. Darn.

I have to drive to work tomorrow because I'm going to a holiday party after work with some of my co-workers. I rather like commuting because it usually means I don't have to drive. ;)

These chocolate covered pretzels were DELICIOUS...
Tags: babble, poetry
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