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we can take it wild

come hither
walk this way
turn your eyes on me
it won't take too much
maybe a few words
dropped in a whisper
your breath warm
skimming my skin
such a delicious chill
so willing
so hungry
so ready
make it slow
make it easy
we can take it wild
this moment completely

Thoughts in bullets.

  • Heroes is on later. I'm excited. LOL! Did I say this already?

  • The hubby got his Treo 680 today. I envy the lack of antenna. Bah.

  • My mom IM'd me earlier. Weird.

  • I'm doing laundry right now.

  • I should pick up that book I started reading before the novel writing but I'd rather start another story.

  • We have all the seasons of Scrubs on DVD. I think the hubby is slightly addicted to the show. And it's funny! What have I been missing all these years?

  • The Mummy in HD-DVD rocks.

And that's all for now. Off I go to write another novel. Maybe. LOL!
Tags: babble, poetry
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