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flicker in silence

flicker in silence
the glow constant
burning down
don't touch
just watch
the inevitable end
one more spark
strong and bright
then darkness falling
while the smoke rises...

Comics rock

  • I switched phones today. I am now carrying the Blackberry Pearl instead of the Nokia N80. I'm happy to have a Blackberry again, but I'm a little sad about the Nokia N80. Alas!

  • We watched a holiday parade in Livermore. I took pictures. They're in my camera and I'm too tired to post them. But the one above is a picture of the comic book shop nearby the parade.

  • I had a beer at the First Street Ale House. I had the Apricot Pyramid, which reminded me of my A's. (The Pyramid part.) The bar servers were young. One had tired eyes and I pegged him for the manager/owner. I wonder if I was right. :P

  • We had dinner at Kawa Sushi. We didn't have sushi. We ate in the Teppan Room. I had filet mignon and lobster. Mmmmmm!

  • The night was crystal and the moon was bright and the sky was clear while the stars shone bright.

Tags: babble, poetry
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