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savoring the night

catch my eye
flash that grin
come on by
a touch of sin
we feel the same
no need for clues
we're in the game
just me and you
whisper sweet
kiss me long
hot with need
coursing strong
it's not falling
feeling this right
it's our calling
savoring the night

One of the things I love about this time of year is the music. LOL! I LOVE Christmas music. And I can listen to it non-stop all day long. Like today. I added more songs to my Xmas playlist so that it only recycles once at work. :) It's bad enough to have three or four versions of a song, but you don't need to hear all of them three times during one work day, eh? And I didn't realize ABBA had a holiday song. (Found it on iTunes.)

We're having a drill at work on Monday. I'm hoping for a lockdown. LOL!

I think I might start using the Blackberry Pearl, replacing my WONDERFUL Nokia N80. I need a phone that pushes my email to me! I'm a tech geek freak, I think. The hubby got the Pearl unlocked (he had the T-Mobile version), so now it can be used on Cingular. But I will be super sad to not use the N80. The camera ROCKS. Seriously.


And oh yes, that's my ceiling after the light guys put the new light fixtures in last night. Lucky me, no asbestos up there. Hopefully. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't worry about the shoddy looks of it, eh? It's right over where the parents or students usually sit. Ye gods!
Tags: poetry
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