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Jordan Knight

First off, I must thank abbagirl for welcoming me to livejournal.  I mostly joined because I wanted to comment on her journal (because I like to comment whenever I can at the various weblogs I read).  So it's because of her that I am here.  ;)

Second, she recently posted something about Jordan Knight, which made me think of my own days as NKOTB fan.  ;)  I was one of those "older" ones, since they hit the big time when I was already out of high school.  Of course, that meant that I was also closer to their age than most of the fans who screamed and fainted for them.  LOL!

Grad Nite 1989.  Yes, almost fifteen years ago.  Crap, I feel OLD!  LOL!  Anyhoo, our senior class headed down to Southern California and Disneyland for Grad Nite at the amusement park.  It would be a night of rides and music and an upcoming group called New Kids on the Block was to play the various stages at the park.  Something like that.

I remember being late getting to the airport.  It was my FIRST airplane ride.  Yeah, my first trip in an airplane and I was going alone.  Or well, with classmates.  But not my parents.  It was exhilarating, really!  LOL!  I don't remember much about the flight.  It was short, of course.

We landed in Ontario, I think, and had to drive to Anaheim in a bus.  The bus stopped at the McDonald's across the street from Disneyland and someone in the back says, "Hey, aren't those guys from New Kids on the Block?"

We all walk out of the bus and yes, at the counter ordering are Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block.  Of course, we were seniors, so none of us were going to play the screaming teenybopper.  We were too cool for that.  (Well, I was nerd, but I could play the cool almost out of high school chick.)  A couple of people tried to talk with them and I did end up taking a picture of Jordan Knight.  (Or did my friend do that?)  I remember standing there, just looking at them and Jordan looked over at me.  Our eyes met.  And then it was over.

My BIGGEST regret for many years was not taking the chance and saying hello to him.  I mean, what would he have done?  He'd have said hello back and that would be it.  I could have gotten a picture with him or something.  I should have said SOMETHING.  But I didn't.  And it haunts me to this day.  ;)

I believe the New Kids came around to the Bay Area that summer.  They opened up for Tiffany at Great America.  By then they were the bigger act and I think she ended up opening for them.  And then at the end of the year they came for three shows in one week at the Coliseum.  I went to all three.  I was such a nerd!  LOL!

I should dig up that Jordan Knight picture.  I think you can see Donnie in the background.  ;)

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