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The A's and Jay's are tied at the moment...

Can my boys just win tonight, PLEASE?!

My blog is down. Actually, it's up, but I can't blog because my domain won't let me FTP. SUCK! I need to move my blog to its new domain. Maybe I'll have time this weekend. Or maybe not. :P

Mulder pitched today and did not do well. ALAS! Looks like he's still in that funk from last season. I hope he storms out of it soon. He's driving me CRAZY!

OUR ANNIVERSARY! It's on Saturday and we're going to have lunch at the in-laws. I might take pictures. ;)

SUNDAY - Bobby Crosby Bobblehead Day. Bobby has a bobblehead already? Of course, he was Rookie of the Year and so there it is. Sunday also marks our first game of six in a luxury suite. We're SPOILED. It's going to be so much fun! ;) Just the two of us. 'Tis our anniversary present for ourselves. LOL!

WOOHOO! The A's just scored! Go Kendall! :D
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