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holiday open house photos...

I've decided that I like tasting different wines. :)

Looking out from the front steps of the Ledson House...

The utterly GORGEOUS Ledson House

Ledson was probably my most favorite stop. The food was EXCELLENT! The wines were all right. I found that I loved the ports as long as the deserts served with them were good. LOL!

Such a poser

Happy drunk? Nah, just tipsy!

Group shot

St. Francis of Assisi

Hi from me!

These were soo freakin' good!!!

going for the artsy shot

now the glass is clearer

"Kunde" rhymes with Dunde and she's decided not to strike a pose

The ladies

Always have a designated driver.

Oh, cupcakes!!!

Forgot to have one. :(

taking picture of him taking a picture

My newest cousin and his friend! ;)

Good times, good times. And we even bought a bottle of wine!
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