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though I may wish for more
like years a bit ago
though I may long for more
to renew in memory
inside I know
the wonders of my life
so instead of thinking
of what I don't have
I rejoice in all
the facets of my days
the one I love the most
the family I hold dear
the friends who make me laugh
whether far or near
the ability to see and touch
the will to dream such dreams
my wake up calls on weekends
the furry monsters roaming free
knowing I can write these words
makes me smile indeed
so I wish the best to all
taking the time to read...


I will do my best not to grouse about things and instead focus on the wonderful stuff in my life. At least for today. Maybe I'll just complain about not having enough words. LOL!

Take care, be well!
Tags: poetry
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