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on pace!

The benefits of a short work day. Yah!

Well, I don't have TMobile anymore. Alas, the Sidekick is no longer in service. :( But for those of you who had my SMS number, I ported that number to Verizon and my original Verizon number is not the hubby's. Confused yet? My text number is still the same (and I can be called on that one too) and if anyone had my Verizon number (Paula, I think), don't use it. The one ending in 4248 is the good one for texting. :) 'K? Yeah.

So I still have my Treo (LOVE MY TREO) and the Nokia N80. It will be interesting and nice just having two phones. LOL! Although I will miss the emailing capabilty of the Sidekick. Push email rocks! Maybe I'll get a Blackberry again someday. Except I will never let go of my Treo. Such a quandry!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I think I'm going to bring my laptop to the in-laws so that I can work on my story. They're fooling themselves if they think I'm going to be of any help in the preparing of Thanksgiving dinner. Ye gods! :P
Tags: babble, nanowrimo
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