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is it sad knowing

is it sad knowing you don't exist
that you are dead in once loved eyes
that only pity and anger ensue
at the thought of you
is it sad knowing you'll never find welcome
in the place that should be
yet will never be again
your safe haven
is it sad knowing you did this yourself
that indifference will replace you
that the anger will fade
leaving only forgotten ashes
is it sad knowing you are nothing
your name an unwilling utterance
no better than your own pettiness
written off without regret
is it sad knowing all of this
but blaming everyone else
is this your only comfort
as the memory of you fades
is it sad knowing...

Someday, I hope the anger I feel whenever we refer to her will fade into indifference. She doesn't deserve the energy, I know. So I turn the energy into my work. And there it is.
Tags: poetry
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