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six years ago today...

with William Gregory Lee

On Ryan Gosling's 20th (ye gods!) birthday, I met William Gregory Lee at the Palo Alto Xena Convention 2000. I won't go into the details (go read my convention report!), but I will say that I still remember the following:

  • He knew who I was ("Are you Kiri, Kira?")

  • He invited me up on stage to take a picture with him

  • He spoke to me in Tagalog

  • We took a couple of pictures together after the autograph line

  • He was so sweet! (And still is.)

I just re-read my convention report. Gosh, I sound so giddy. I love it! Ah, youth. ;)

Suffice to say, I still ADORE Mr. WGL and I always wish him well. He's not only a talented actor, he's a wonderful man who still remembers I love the A's. What more could I ask for?
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