Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

Ahhh, the sweetness of April

The A's were on tv last night and tonight.  They lost both games but I worry not because is PRESEASON.  (I must keep telling myself that.)  But it's nice to watch the games and feel that rush of love for the game.  Because man, I love the game of baseball.  And I'm almost over being sad about Mulder and Hudson being in new towns.


My dogs gave me a fright yesterday.  When I got home from work, I let them out, as they are accustomed, but I forgot to check the side gate.  They were only out there for a few minutes but of course they went out the side gate.  The big dog (aka the Smart One) was still in front of the house, albeit on the street, and she immediately stolled over to me when I called for her.  The little one (aka The Rebel) came flying down the street when I yelled for her.  Bad dogs!  But thank goodness they were safe.  Ye gods!

My Mulder jersey (because I can't seem to sway too far from baseball) is set to arrive on April 5th.  The Cardinals (my National League team) begin their season on that very day.  Coincidence, eh?  Mr. Mulder doesn't pitch until Friday against the Phillies, so I should have my jersey ready to wear on that day.  Yeah, so I'm a total nerd.  It's no secret.  ;)

Guess which one is my favorite.

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