September 6th, 2014

MOS - symbol of hope

linger a bit longer

stay with me
take my hand
a moment
linger a bit longer
try to smile
once more
next to me

my Strike Back boys – Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton

I love Fridays not just because it’s the end of the work week but also because I like to do the Follow Friday (#FF) on twitter. I have a usual bunch that rarely changes and out of the bunch I often get faved or RT’d, which is pretty awesome. I especially love the replies. :)

kisses are the best!

Oh, I also tweeted at Michael J. Bassett…

I was just being a bit cheeky but a few hours later, he tweeted this:

I’m going to pretend he did that because he saw my tweet and thought, why not? ;) (I’m sure that’s not what happened and it’s actually a total coincidence.)

Oh, and apparently I can’t stop with the Jamie Dornan Once Upon A Time screencaps. ::sigh::

the sheriff

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khobbes serious

longing for more

sometimes I weep
unwilling to
let go
longing for more
in this life
venting to the heavens
above unseen
never with a reply

Strike Back – Philip Winchester

I just read today that one of my favorite iPhone apps (Pressgram) is going to be discontinued by month’s end. WTF! I am seriously BUMMED, especially since I paid for a couple of the features and didn’t even get to use them for very long. ::sigh:: Now I wonder if the app will still be usable as a photo filtering app since none of the other photo filtering apps I use have the same features as Pressgram. Maybe someone will reply to my tweet. We shall see…

Jamie Dornan on the Graham Norton show

I’m probably going to end up doing screencaps from The Fall. Watch me. LOL

Originally published at Kiari's Corner. You can comment here or there.