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close in memory though now so far

I would only wish
time to slow its pace
as I patiently engrave
the essence of this place
deep into my soul
wrapped around my heart
warm against reality
close in memory though now so far
if only time would slow its pace
let me remember sunshine on my face
the breeze blowing slow
with skies of perfect blue
pretend it's all I know
the paradise with you...

I wore my Miguel Tejada jersey today. It's orange for the Orioles and I'm an A's fan. Get it? Yeah, it made little sense, but hey, the color matched a lot of the decorations. ;)

Tomorrow begins National Novel Writing Month! Yes, I'm embarking upon that journey again. The writing begins tomorrow and I will post my endeavors HERE. The story is tentatively titled "Five Wheels" but that could change at any moment. Perhaps we shall refer to it as The 2006 NaNoWriMo Attempt by Kiari (that's me). ;)

Gosh, I'm so tired right now. Alas!
Tags: nanowrimo, poetry
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