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back home

back home
so cold
so gray
back home
so weary
my dreams linger
of warm breezes
of the tropical tease
but now
life is the routine
back home

My Flickr pics from Hawaii - This is the Flickr set of the pictures I took from my camera phone. Not too bad, eh? ;)

I suppose it's natural to still want to be in a place tropical and warm after coming home to gray skies and cooler breezes. Alas!

It was a LONG Sunday. We had to check out by 11am and then kill time before our 8:30 flight to Honolulu. Yes, 8:30pm flight. Yikes! We drove around, checked out the shops, walked along the shore, etc. We watched some football and had drinks at JJ's in Lihue. Then we went to the airport and sat around there.

I slept through most of the flight from Honolulu to SFO. And when we finally got home, I took a long nap.

And here we are.

I miss Kauai.
Tags: hawaii, poetry
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