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when the stars fade

when the stars fade
as morning rises slow
when the darkness slips
as the sun ascends forth
dreams fall back once more
nearly forgotten
loosening their hold
reality too crisp and sharp
ready to force the heart
nothing gentle or easy
comes the day or night
nothing fast and simple
brings wrong or right
but when stars fade
the darkness slips
the morning brings day
promising heartbreak and bliss...

that view

I am ever touched by the views here on Kauai. We had lunch at Scotty's and it was DELICIOUS! Ribs, mmmmmmmmm. :)

We checked out Hanalei and stopped at the Blue Kauai Tattoo shop. No one was there when we walked in. I didn't have a clue of what kind of tattoo to get (I'm a gal who does these things on a whim sometimes), but when the hubby pointed out the "noble" symbol, I knew I'd found the one. $60 later and not even ten minutes of slight pain, I had a new tattoo. Pretty dandy, eh? :D

We came back to our place and watched the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series agains the Detroit Tigers.


I tried to find pics with Mulder in them. LOL!

I cried when they won. Not bawling or anything. Just tears with a smile. I am so freakin' happy for them. WOOHOO!!!

And now baseball is over. Why am I slightly relieved and slightly sad? :P
Tags: baseball, photos, poetry
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