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all the rest of my days

the stars hide above
the day slides into night
the wind blows hard
the clouds gather tight
let time slow its pace
let me play in this place
what would I give to stay
all the rest of my days
let me watch the stars shine
let me claim a bit as mine

We didn't do much today, which was fine with me! ;) We watched the Cardinals win game 3. Yah!

hope i didn't forget anyone
Now I need stamps!

I did the postcard thing. :) I need to get some stamps though. :P

After the game, we took a walk and checked out the water. Beautiful!

wild water

It was near sundown. We need to go out there when the light is better for pictures. I just love standing there listening to the water crashing. Wild beauty.

water crashing
Tags: hawaii, photos, poetry
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