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life should always be this sweet

life should always be this sweet
beauty in every scene
whether daylight or night
the wind so free
the water so wild

The wedding was LOVELY. And nicely short. ;) But all in all, it was great being there, the water crashing in the background, the sun shining in its descent. What is more beautiful than that? The weather called for rain, but none fell during the ceremony. I think we only got a few drops before or after.

the bride and groom with the bride's mother and step-dad

The luau food was fantastic. And the show was fun. (I couldn't see much of it from my seat though.) But the best thing was sharing the time with my family for such a wonderful celebration. :) I'm so happy for the couple.

ceremony's end

Oh, and have I mentioned how BEAUTIFUL the scene? Watching the sunset was a highlight. I took lots of pictures of that. LOL!

Now it's time to pack up for Kauai!
Tags: hawaii, poetry
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