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got the car
from the rental car parking lot

We're here in Oahu! Bumpy plane ride, but I slept at least three hours, so it went by fast. No movie in flight. Something was wrong with the player or something like that. So I listened to my Nano. The earbuds kept falling out. Bah!

First class rocks. The front bathroom was just for our section. First bit of service was a Mai Tai. I took one but didn't finish it. I didn't want to get sick. The potential was there. LOL! Dinner was pesto ravioli. Mmmmm. And later, we had warmed chocolate chip cookies with milk. Nice!

We had a lot of turbulence, but the captain kept us informed and apologized for the lack of smoothness. It was nice to have him tell us what was going on. I liked that. :)

We have a car, got lost for just a bit, then braved the "traffic" to Kapolei. We are checked in here at our hotel, the JW Marriot Ihilani. It's pretty cool. The view from our lanai looks to be spectacular. We shall see when the sun rises...
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