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ready now

ready now
fly up to the sky
blue and clear
head to the islands
far away from here
ready now
taste the breeze
sweet and warm on the skin
the ocean in its dance
going out and coming in
ready now
rest life's routine
push it aside and away
hear the beauty calling
along the slow ride of day...

It's kinda nice to have a later flight. ;)

I'm all packed up! Just need to get into my flying clothes and off we go. Well, in a little under an hour.

WOOHOO ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!! :D They're going to the World Series! I'm so happy! And my red Mulder jersey is taking the trip to Hawaii with me.

Be well, everyone! I will hopefully post pictures while I'm away. And I'm sending postcards out as long as I remember to buy them and stamps. LOL!
Tags: hawaii, poetry
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