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I love Fridays.  I especially love pay day Fridays.  Not that I have to go to the bank or anything.  Woohoo for direct deposit!

Going back to work yesterday (after my little sick day on Wednesday) was a total DOWNER.  I swear, there is something in the freakin' air that makes me sick.  I start thinking wacky things as my body temperature goes up then down and my head begins to ache and I feel slightly nauseous.  Are they running experiments on us?  Are they slipping chemicals into the air and tracking our responses?  Or is it just the nasty filters that they have to change in the vents?

But what about the utter despair that threatens to claw its way to the surface?  I feel it just below the surface of my sanity.

I'm being dramatic, of course.

The almond trees are blossoming here in my part of the world.  It's lovely seeing all the white flowers on the trees.  And it smells so good!  Now the rain just needs to stop.  :P

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