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such sparkle and promise shattered

even with this broken heart
fragile in my hands
such sparkle and promise shattered
even with this sinking gloom
overshadowing the light
banishing the summer to cool days
even with the unfallen tears
clinging inside
the joy momentarily forgotten
even with all of this
the bright afternoons still smile in memory
the laughter rings sweet in reverie
this moment will come again
as it always does
this broken heart will heal again
rise after winter's slumber
the sparkle and promise new and clear
with the unfallen tears forgotten

the green and gold part of the season is over for me...

And so I'm a little sad. I cannot believe that the A's couldn't pull out ONE FREAKIN' WIN!!! Just one. Why in the world did they have to go down like that?! It's so absolutely DISAPPOINTING!


I sound more mad than sad, eh? I can't help it, I'm pissed.

On the other hand, I must say that the season was a wonderful ride. I had THE BEST TIME this baseball season. Next season might not be as sweet in a suite, so I cherish the moments I spent at the ballpark these past six plus months. And so I must say THANK YOU to my A's. Even though I'm totally downtrodden right now, I still love you all. I can't help it. You're my weakness.
Tags: a's, poetry
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