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your indecision

spare me your indecision
your lack of conviction riles me
yet I am unmoved
content to let you pass
let you wander alone
I will hold my tongue
watch you falter
go against my nature
unflinching against your cries
the choice was yours
the pain is mine
so let us go our ways
separate as strangers
forgetting flash of perfection
shattered by your indecision...

Actually, the A's are the ones breaking my heart. At least the Cardinals are giving it a shot. ::sigh:: I shouldn't be so down on my boys, but darn it, it's the freakin' PLAYOFFS. And they're wasting this chance to do something great. Dear me.

We're home again! Housesitting was all right. I think the playoff games threw us off and kept us busy. Now I'm just tired.

LOST was good the other night. I must get a screenshot of the kiss. Rarr!... THE OFFICE was funny too. I love that show. I just wish Jim was back with his old officemates!... CSI was great! Brutal. But I just LOVED when Nick socked the gawker. Yeah, and I know it was Kevin Federline. He wasn't that bad (acting wise) but as my friend in Canada said, "Was he wearing his own clothes?" LOL!
Tags: a's, babble, poetry
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