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summer still lingers...

summer still lingers
just teasing us in the air
sunshine with blue skies

tailgating with a fair mix of 49er and Raider fans...

Silly me, I thought it was going to be cold at Candlestick. Nope! Blue clear skies and warm sunshine. It wasn't so bad in the parking lot (we had to go through the RV entrance because the other entrances were prepaid only). But once inside the park, it was very warm! Our seats never saw the coolness of shadows and the breeze was almost non-existent! We sat at the endzone, so although we could see the plays, we couldn't see the players. The 49ers won (WOOHOO!), which made our Raider friends unhappy.

The best part of the day was the tailgating. People are so serious about that stuff! Our little area felt like a faire or something. LOL! It was kinda neat. :) The game itself was most satisfying in the result. Oh, but did I mention that we got to the park at about 8am? Yeah. Very early.

ETA: WOOHOO to the St. Louis Cardinals!!! :D Just another step closer to my prediction. LOL!
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