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Lazy days...

I'm thinking of doing a paid account for this LJ but then I think about it too much and I think not. LOL! Do I really need to pay for my LJ when I have my blogger too? Nah! Maybe in the future or something.

I *do* like how I can mark different posts as private or friends only, etc. I'm too lazy to figure that kind of stuff out in Blogger. Or the LJ cut. Now there's something totally cool! :D

I should be working on my story. I might have figured out names for the characters! Glorious. Now I can stop calling them THE BOY and THE GIRL. LOL!

Waiting for...

My weeklong vacation in Lake Tahoe! - We're heading out to Lake Tahoe next weekend. A whole week without work. No doggies either, but I don't necessarily think that a good thing. I love my doggies. ;)

My eye exam and consultation - I'm ready for Lasik! First, I hope I'm a viable candidate. Second, I hope that if I am, I can get it done before Opening Day. LOL! Yes, to buy groovy sunglasses.

Season 6 DVD of Xena - The last season of Xena comes out on DVD in a little over a week. Besides knowing that I will own each and every episode of Xena, season 6 holds another gem. Fans were interviewed last year in Burbank and those interviews are part of the extras. I was interviewed so I could possibly be part of the set. Let us all think groovy thoughts about the possibility. I would love to do screencaps of myself. LOL!

Baseball season to start - Baseball is my salvation. Keeps me out of trouble. Or does it get me into trouble? Regardless, I feel most alive when spring training is over, we go into daylight savings time, and the boys take the field. Sunshine, green grass, little white balls smacking catchers' gloves or getting smacked out of the ballpark. Oh yes. Nothing is more perfect than baseball season...

Wrong Kevin Smith...

I had a dream about riding in a bus or something and Kevin Smith the director was sitting in front of me. I took the opportunity to tell him that I enjoy his films, but that he's not my number one favorite Kevin Smith. He took the news graciously. ;)

But why did I have to dream about that Kevin Smith? Why not *my* Kev, the one who graces the heavens and leaves us only with misty memories of his laughter and joy and talent?

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